Polo Shirt- SPEED #15100105 極速黃

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延伸Bellez Straight Line經典款,Bellez Speed Line將線條單向延伸,突顯左右對比的設計美學,創造有如揮桿般的爆發速度感。  


With over 35 years of experience in the world of leather belts, the Bellez brand of golf apparels rose with its own aesthetics and soon captures attention from the classy level.

Imported from Argentina, South America, our leather is post-processed with naturally tossed and gentle brushed finishing method.

Premium level of leather with natural skin patterns and eco-friendly production process give what Bellez has always been pursuing for: quality and fine texture.

It all sums up to whom Bellez is created for-those who owns unique tastes.

商品材質 100% cutton
製造產地 台灣